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 Home Industry Information
1966 coherent (Coherent) company was established in California, American
1973 Xia Pulan laser Sharplan (Laser Industries) in Israel
1986 release of Xia Pulan 1020 carbon dioxide laser for skin shaping
1990 UltraPulse carbon dioxide laser
ESC was founded in 1991 in Israel
1994 IPL first applied to clinical
VL PhotoDerm, which has been used to treat vascular diseases, was launched in 1995.
C VersaPulse, which was used to treat blood vessels and pigment lesions, was launched in 1996.
1997 listed for the removal of the semiconductor LighSheer
1997 listed for the removal of Epilight
ESC merged with Luxar in 1997.
1998 ESC and Xia Pulan (Sharplan) merger
Quantum IPL, which has been listed in 1999, has been listed on the application of photonic technology.
Coherent merged Medical Star in 1999.
In 2000 ESC- Xia Pulan (Sharplan) and coherent (Coherent medical group) established Lumenis (Lumenis)
2001 listing of the first treatment of acne by FDA certification ClearLight
2002 listing of the treatment of leukoplakia of the Rui Lu (ReLume)
2003 listed on the world's first for the user to create a body to create three of a medical beauty application platform One Lumenis
2004 listed the ClearLight two generation of acne
2004 IPL clinical application 10 anniversary
2005 Aluma radio frequency through FDA certification
2006 listed One Lumenis king style beauty platform
2007 Sinon Ruby freckle Wang into the clinic
2008 super pulse CO2 laser Encore laser
2009 new generation of hair removal laser Duet Lightsheer successfully pushed to the market
2010 new M22 king of the heart of the heart of the photon devices listed
2011 Acupulse Wang Chinese listed miniature lattice
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