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All the latest medical cosmetic related products and technologies, including:
●Various types of instruments and equipment such as laser beauty instrument, IPL, body sculpture machine, microcomputer beauty instrument, crystal beauty instrument, external ultrasound liposuction instrument, ultrasonic vibration fat analyzer, female private parts beauty equipment.
●All types of filling materials, prostheses and implants such as breast implants, dental implants, cosmetic implants and the like.
●Various types of injectable aesthetic products: Botox, hyaluronic acid, collagen, etc.
●Various medical cosmetic surgical instruments and suture related products.
●Various types of skin care products and technologies such as skin rejuvenation, wrinkles, scars go.
●All types of dental restoration equipment, dental bleach, cosmetic dental products.
●All types of hair, hair growth products
●Various medical beauty products such as scar removal products, skin care products and cosmetics.
●All types of stem cell cosmetic plastic products, anti-aging beauty products.
●All kinds of products, such as surgery to repair, repair liquid, milk, cream, surgery to repair clothing and so on.
●Various medical cosmetic use of computer software and related products, such as books and video.



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