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   In recent years, with the rapid development of China's economy, the concept of plastic surgery has gradually been accepted by society, China's medical and cosmetic industry has ushered in the golden period of rapid development. According to CCTV network data, in 2015 China's plastic and beauty industry output value reached 510 billion yuan, over 7 million 430 thousand of consumer spending, surgery accounted for 12.7% of the total amount of plastic surgery, becoming the world's third major cosmetic surgery. Medical plastic beauty, life beauty swept the whole country, vitality, rapid development, which is a manifestation of the modern personality, the pursuit of perfection and the pursuit of beauty. The beauty is human nature, is the love of life performance, is the requirement of the times is the legitimate rights of individuals. This is an important factor of beauty has attracted more attention and welcome society, 80% cosmetic China belongs to surgical operation, laser equipment for publicity, because the product updates faster, the price is high, the use must have a skilled process. Developed countries of plastic surgery, is not limited to the skin, and therefore more use of medical equipment and equipment. In the high-end medical cosmetic plastic industry, the front end, the more the courage to open up the market to create an unprecedented condition. To further promote the development of China's medical cosmetic industry, improve the image and influence of medical cosmetic industry of China's consumers and international counterparts in the whole, has very important practical and historical significance.
The 2019 Shanghai international medical cosmetology and plastic surgery equipment exhibition in July 11th 13 will be held in Shanghai World Expo exhibition, as the event's largest and most influential field of medical cosmetology, the organizer will integrate resources to provide a transaction, for the domestic and foreign medical cosmetic manufacturers cooperation and exchange exhibition platform. 2019medical cosmetology exhibition will be on display at the 70 million people visited the Shanghai World Expo exhibition hall, the spirit of enterprise organizational units to develop new markets, enhance exchanges and expand sales service purposes, to promote the health and beauty market at home and abroad of prosperity, believe that this exhibition will bring unlimited business opportunities for you, hope the medical cosmetic enterprises and relevant units to actively participate in!

Hosts: China International Exchange and Promotion Association for Medical and Health Care (CPAM)
Domestic and Foreign Supporters:
Association of Asian Medical Plastic Surgery
Japan Association
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